Catch and Kill Mosquitoes before they Multiply
& Stop a Mosquito Bite from Itching

by © Stephie McCarthy

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Mosquitoes stay in the area where they are born, about a 150 foot range.

To drastically reduce the number of these pests, we place water traps around the yard in late Spring to catch them and prevent new hatchlings. We make the traps in April, Zone 7, before it gets warm.

How to Kill Mosquitoes Before They Multiply

For one trap, we used an antique galvanized pail.

It's a nice match with our cottage garden style.

How to make a Mosquito Trap #MosquitoTrapDIY

We add water but leave enough room at the top for rainfall.


This way it doesn't tend to overflow. Meanwhile, it evaporates on dry days too.


Next, we add a whole (or part of a) MosquitoDunk

A quarter-Dunk is all that's needed for such a small amount of water. But Dunks are inexpensive. We'll add a whole Dunk in this example so that you can see it clearly.

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Dunks are safe for use around fish and birdbaths, however, we'll make these traps extra secure.

The basket can be wired to the bucket for for extra security around small children, but we usually let gravity hold the basket in place.


We don't mind that top and bottom don't match, but will keep an eye out for matching metallic baskets on our thrifting rounds.


We place 2-3 traps on our quarter acre property.

If you get rid of standing water elsewhere, they will be drawn to these vintage looking traps.


An vintage copper pot with a DollarStore basket made a second trap.

Refresh these with Dunk about once a month.

It's okay to let the water become stagnant too. The female mosquitoes like that.


These DIY traps worked beautifully last year. I typically got 5-6 bites in 15 minutes doing chores in the evening. I dreaded it! After using these Dunk traps, I was rarely bitten.


If you do get a bite, paint it with NewSkin Liquid Bandage™. This seems to hold the mosquito allergen in place so that it doesn't generate histamine which causes the itching.

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Thank goodness! There seems to be a solution for every little nuisance in life.

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Watch How to Stop Mosquito Bites from Itcing




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