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home & studio journal April 2014

The Blue Ridge Mountains have always been a big part of my world.


From my Grandmother's front porch …


… to fields near Harpers Ferry …HarpersFerryNorth

… the many sparkling riverscapes …


… and beautiful side trips in between, like Black Water Falls on a rainy day …

Falls 2

The mountains have been a great place to learn and grow as an artist … a place where I became an intrepid dreamer.


Now we have a place of our own in the Blue Ridge … a dream "fixer upper."


Every inch of it needs TLC. It's slow going, but good for the soul …


I've wished upon the stars that our old house will be a wonderful place to work as an artist some day …

Spring House

… and a place where visitors can enjoy a gallery and shop. Our future shop has been painted red and is peaking out on the right …


… did we really paint this whole building red and patch that miserable excuse for a roof last year ?

It's already been quite a bit of work, but how could we pass up a place with so much character?


Team work and lots of imagination is what is seems to take …

Sun Cookie

Now, a new season is about to begin and there will be lots of sunny days …

Cold frame

… we'll find out what winter sown plants can be added to the gardens …

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CoralBella Birds

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M E E T my C L O S E S T friends …


… Maxie …


… Luna Bisque which rhymes with tuna fishk … Jin

Jinn-Jinny who came to live with us Christmas 2013


… and Margeaux who knows all the secrets …

margeaux bouqet

… as cats sometimes do, and Spring is full of great secrets!


… share our virtual journey …

Harpers Ferry Episcopal Church

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… and family stories …

Emily and Frank

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