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journal stardate September 2014


Take a tour with me and see a little of Harpers Ferry and West Virginia.

Blue Bird by Stephie McCarthy

Gardens, flowers, birds, and scenic beauty …


You're just in time to walk up the mountain with me for a quiet spell …


Rose of sharon are everywhere, the one below grows in a heart shape … what's not to love?


Do you like a good walk? This one wont make you too tired …

Harpers Ferry Episcopal Church

We can follow Pat and Rosco down the steep path above Old Town Harpers Ferry


The village below constantly temps with cafés and gift shops …


Just outside of town we can catch a breeze from the river … and look misty eyed at the white cliffs.

Laurel Lodge postcard

On top Ridge Road, is my Great Grandmother's house, now called "Laurel Lodge" or the Curiosity House. It's a Bed & Breakfast you can stay in when you visit Harpers Ferry.

Emily and Frank

Uncle Frank and Aunt Emily who also spent summers at Laurel Lodge in their day.


… Patrick, with our "son" Rosco … on Boliver Heights …fields that never look the same way twice.

Falling Water by Stephie McCarthy

Another cool spot … Falling Waters where there is real magic in the air …

OK, now fancy a visit to my Old House Studio?


It's pretty much flexible studio space in a real American Colonial house.


And it came with a lot of architectural salvage …


There's always one "Base Camp" for lunch somewhere on site.


The Old House Studio, a jumble of wonderfulness … where the doves greet us from the chimney tops …


More salvage pieces found in the small barn.


The fireplace gas stove in the front room is the only source of warmth during the winter.

Here's the decrepit Colonial closet turned into a fun art supply alcove …


Here I am on another West Virginia porch that belonged to another Grand Mother.


Is there any wonder I fell in love with old houses and porches in a State like this?

Hey, have a little treat with me? I'm always in the mood for one!

Chocolate Chef by Stephie McCarthy

What's life without a little treat now and then?


Isn't this a great town for an artist, I ask you?

Dragonfly by Stephie McCarthy

… lots of inspiration from the smallest jewels …


… to our "children's" antics. Our kids (as you might have imagined) all have tails.


… girlfriend Maxie …


… Luna Bisque which rhymes with tuna fishk …


… and Margeaux who knows all the secrets …
… and she never tells them!

Kitten by Stephie McCarthy

… and I'd never even had a cat before I came to West Virginia …

Cats are like vinegar, you don't make them, they just happen (old country saying).

CatBalloon by Stephie McCarthy

… and here I am on a magic journey with a handful of them …

You can read more about me here …


I'll admit to a little sadness when I say goodbye to summer …

There are a few more freckles on your shoulders
the hammock swings lower and touches the grass
the apples are ripe and the corn is past,
and everyone says summer goes by so fast
and we just got here.

— Carly Simon



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